From personal testimonies to short films, we pray that you see the goodness of God and find hope in Jesus.

God of Generations | Short Film

One act of faithfulness to God can cause a domino effect for generations. "For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations." -Psalms 100:5 NIV

Claire's Testimony

Claire's always had a heart for missions and helping others. She never missed an opportunity to go outside of her comfort zone and bless others. She shares her experience from raising funds to how the Lord used her to bless others in London. Her story reminds us to let the Lord guide us in everything that we do.

Madison's Testimony

Through a lot of venerability, Madison shares her personal faith journey through all of the ups and downs. Her story is many of ours today. The storms of life and trials that we face aren’t easy, but she reminds us that God meets us right where we’re at.

Jack's Testimony

Jack has taken his love for fireworks and created an opportunity for an entire community to gather together where they feel loved and valued. He reminds us that God uses every set back that we face to bring glory to himself. God has a purpose for everyone and everything.

Lydia's Testimony

From a very young age, Lydia wanted to be involved with missions. She shares how the Lord gave her freedom and the calling to love and serve everybody of every culture, race, and nationality. She reminds us of the great commission and our part in it. We should be a vessel for the Lord, allowing him to work through us for his glory.